The Poetry of Objects


This silver M. Hohner harmonica,

Is tuned to the major key of C.

Though it is not the Cleveland Orchestra,

It's chintzy, but it's good enough for me.

It weighs about the same as a large egg,

And its about three point five inches long.

On each side it has two golden pegs.

With a guitar it can play a blues song.

Sandwiched between, there's a black monolith,

Like in Kubrik's great film, "2001".

It's a little less than an inch in width,

It's a hot dog between two metal buns.

The instrument was made in Germany,

And is the " Marine Band Special 20".

A Quarter

Let's concentrate on the circular coin.

It has 119 ridges

On its rough edge where its front and back join.

One side has a scene where a bridge is,

And the other has Washington's bust.

George has a pony tail and an arched nose,

To his side it says " In god we trust."

He looks sexy and naked in the pose.

A quarter is worth just 25 cents,

You'll need at least 8 at the laundromat.

You'll need about 3,000 to pay your rent.

And a car?  I can't begin to count that.  

A quarter can also reflect light well.

Like a mirror or a golden bronze bell. 

Rubik's Cube

I am looking at a  brand new "Rubik's Cube."

It has six colored rotating sides.

Each face looks like nine small t.v. tubes.

And three layers spin like fair spider rides:

Up, down, across and back; left right and middle.

Colors: red, white, blue, orange, yellow, green;

Have me thinking my mind is too little

To correctly arrange these video screens.

I ponder who was this guy named "Rubik"?

And how he made blocks that weigh a tennis ball? How he made fortunes out of cheap plastic,

And how I had one when I was small.

Solving the Rubik's cube is a tough task,

You'll probably need help. You'll have to ask.

A Bowl of M&M's

I see my soul in an M&M bowl.

(a thousand colored tacks packed to the max)

I'm digging a rainbow of chocolate gold;

The whole universe is here, nothing lacks.

Most are well grounded, but a few are tipped.

I tap the top of the black and red pot,

To see if any fall, (a few are chipped)

But none do.  Three days ago these were bought,

But the Japanese crock I had before.

Orange, brown, yellow, green, red and deep-blue;

I was excited, I began to pour.  

Chocolate chiclets, there were more than a few.

The blue are like rubber wrestling mats.

The brown, well, they look just like rabbit scats.

Fuchsia Flower?

Is it Fuchsia I see in this flower?

Or is it more iris, purple or pink?

I'm sure I could spend more than ten hours

Getting lost in thought about what I think.

There is a touch of white at its center,

With lines running outwards in spinal streaks.

Wafered and awash, the dull eye enters;

Mounted from a cataract point, I peek.

At the core of the core, yellow stars shoot.

I think the scientists call them "stamen".

The watercolors dilate and dilute.

What do I know?  I am just a layman.

So yellow is yellow and white is white;

What we name is the same as the sight, right?

A Glass Bowl

The lamp brushes light onto the glass bowl

With a very visible arm and brush.

Oily light smears and drips around its hole.

Like a shutter speed too slow for the rush,

The white paint is refracted into motion.

The orb is inscribed on its lower tier

with a circular swirling emotion.

A droplet touches the lip like a tear.

Spirals streak stars in a small galaxy,

And the canvas is warped into a sphere.

Art with a spiritual ecstasy,

Is nothing less than what we have here.

Did the lamp have any formal training?

In having created such a painting?

Matchbox Car

Little blue Plymouth Cuda matchbox car

With interior white and leather seats,

You take me away to summers afar,

And my scorched scalding bare skin touching heat;

To belt buckles, benches and windows closed;

To temps of 210 degrees.

My wood rackets would warp and bow,

Vinyl records would melt like cheddar cheese.

Your speckled 1970's color

Is like the banana seat on a bike

That was ridden around by my brother;

It too had its rear-end hot rodded, hiked.

Cars in those days smelled of gas and exhaust.

Oil and fumes were consumed at quite a cost.

Deck of Cards

A red deck of cards with spiral designs,

Bicycle spokes and nude winged riders,

Astrological gears and heartshaped signs,

Birds in "v" formation fly like gliders.  

Shifted off- center, the deck's a slinky,

Or a swept landform in Arizona,

Or accordion pumped by thumb and pinky

By some Spanish guy in Barcelona.  

A layered archeological dig.

An ancient Chinese game of chance and luck.

The pack is new, I don't believe it's rigged.

It is waiting for a deal to be struck.

I used to play "war" with my grandfather.

We'd  become bored, then we'd play another.

Wooden Chess Piece

The butter ringed chess piece of brownish green,

Carved like it was on a turning clay wheel,

The most powerful mover called the Queen

That makes the pawns, knights and bishops all kneel,

Is standing on top of a red table. 

She is shaped like the lamp posed next to her.

It too is wound and coiled in bronze cable.

(I like playing chess much more than checkers.)

She's about as tall as a pack of gum

with a bulbous knob on top of her head,

And she is about as wide as my thumb.

She is omnipotent just like I said.

I guy beat me in two moves, long ago,

Think It was in Japan, or maybe Seoul.

A Looking Glass

A bronzed baby holds up a looking glass;

It has a thick set of hair and wings.

(I feel like a pervert seeing its ass,

So I will concentrate on other things.)

The child is standing on top of a box,

That reminds me of a chocolate bar.

The angel is naked, not wearing socks,

And looks like it was sculpted by Renoir.

The mirror has a 5 inch radius;

is circumscribed by a twiggy relief,

With branches that sprout into various 

patterns, designs- the occasional leaf.  

I try not to look at my reflection.

This helps protect me against rejection.

Magnifying Glass

Black handled and small magnifying glass,

Circular hub-capped, with metallic rim,

Conveyer belt factory made in mass,

Iv'e viewed letters through you, Iv'e scanned- Iv'e skimmed.

You pop my eye wide, searching for a clue.

Fingerprints of light floating off the lens.

Dots go bipolar falling into you.  

Inspector Clusoe, a Mercedes Benz.

When I was 8 years old,  I fried hot ants.

They popped and flared on our back patio.

They'd scurry and break the trail, look askance,

As I focused, perfecting the zero.

Are these the signs of a young psychopath?

If they are, help me see another path.


Words tumble toss across my surfaced mind,

Like glass blocks thrown by a master spirit.

Its invisible hand I cannot find,

The photon escapes when I near it.

But forget all that!  Strike the keys!  Type to print!

The fly is on the square and circled cup!

I must have been nice cause its peppermint!

Gifts spread leaning on edge, tip then flip up!

Rock and rolled dice jiggle- they are possessed.

A sheet of white paper to the floor - falls-

Info bits change states, skip, then slow to rest...

Till four skulls sit with black-spotted eyeballs.

A five- four- two- a one- that was the dance

In a twelve hundred and ninety sixed chance.  

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban sunglasses with a brownish tint,

That were found hanging on a court net chord,

With water spots- dust and fingerprints,

(That female New Zealand singer named "Lorde")

Your filter is a yellowish-green lens.

You remind me of Eval Kaneval.

Or of a Land of the Lost alien,

Like a gray slay stack or something evil.

Your ear-hooks sit Indian cross-legged.

You rock like a baby when upside down.

Your fitted for the fairly large-headed.

Your frame is a leopard skin spotted brown.

Next to "Ray Ban" there is a printed "P".

Don't know what the meaning is meant to be. 

A Rock

A crystal brown and sugared frozen clock.

A chunk of cake or crusty baklava.

A million year old chiseled stone or rock,

Some molten fudge transitioned from lava. 

Some matter caught and slowed in hard time.

A miniature from a landscaped garden,

A neanderthal's gripped - sling- shotted crime.

A make-believe candied frosted mountain.

Glacial crumbs scraped by tectonic plates-

The very beginning of creation.

Train tracked, both of us destined by our fates,

Light in an extremely low vibration.

It feels good to the thumb and searching touch.

Rough-edged, it stimulates my soul so much.   

Maple Leaf 

Orange starfish ghost, gliding with batted wings,

Sea saturated and tie dye colored,

On manta ray wind you fly -haunt and sing.  

Your skin is tattooed, tanned and leathered;

Your psyche is falling -soon to be gone.

Heat has evaporated all your life, 

Down - down upon the browning lawn. 

A kite strung to a family and wife, 

The wind is blowing- You look like a leaf- 

When I twist  your stem your hair catches fire-

A twirling flame in spirited motif.

A wild whirling dervish  - a funeral pyre.

Your back has lines of a strong spinal chord.

The golden ratio in perfect accord.  

A Vase

Here's a woman in a pretty blue dress,

Her arms are resting on her strong broad hips.

She's an hour glass- a porcelain goddess

Who can hold flowers with her mouth and lips.

She is delicate and easy to break

So you must handle her with extra care.

Put her low and your allowed a mistake;

But if she's on a pedestal, beware.

She is a woman who demands respect,

Her parent took much time to bring her up.

Like a clay sculptor or an architect,

Her mom turned her on a wheel like a cup.

We're both lonely and have become wearied,

So we have decided to get married.  

Bubble Gum Blue Marker

Magic bubble gum blue scented marker

I can rubber gum glue the sky with you

And be reminded of Sandy Parker

At the old Mississippi River school.

Your a towering God- a skyscraper

And I love the sound when I sketch- you squeak.

When I scratch and scribble on white paper

You chirp and twitter as I wonder- seek.

And so I describe the describer

And am drawing upon the drawer

Like a hand inscribed by M.C. Escher

I curl in - creating the creator.

These marks are turning in upon themselves-

Inward remembering- they inner delve.  

Candle Flame and Holder

Asian dragon legs kick a fiery stance

Wooden cherry oaken - smoked and marooned-

Holding a purple candled wicked dance;

Flames turn, flare and burn in and out of tune.  

Match heads lay around like fallen lumber.

The square wax looks like a castle or rook

And smells of the Northern Woods and its timber;

Light pops, pulls, flashes - a bobber and hook.

The five licorice legs of a lizard

Seem to fuel the blue miniature blaze.

They shine on edge like rich snaking wizards; 

When one really looks,  there’s much to amaze.

I am that wick - threads of red coal aflame;

Cooking and smoking out the word and name.

A Goose

The oboe is swimming across the lake

While under her an orchestra plays.

Behind her echo ripples of a wake

That trail off mouthing in a windy bay.

The oboe then begins to flap its wings

To relieve itself of loud built up stress.

Just as she takes flight, the violin strings

Are struck and plucked and given to express

that " tomorrow will be another day-

it is all in the life of an oboe."

Later, she waddles with a breast that's gray,

Poses curiously for her photo.

The oboe is a proud - beautiful bird;

So much so that I can't find the right word.

A Book

The book is a block that holds hard letters,

Its pages form a rectangular box.

A circle is stamped on its tan cover,

“MP”.  The face has darts, dashes, marks, knocks,

Scars, scratches and stains and smudges and smears.

The cloth is tearing at the spines front edge.

If I felt,  this book would bring me to tears.  

Leafing through half -way, a book mark is wedged.

On the side of the book- the sheets pile up

And striate with slight ridges or grooves.

This volume was made for a coffee cup.

Just judging by its jacket- I am moved. 

I wish I had the mental strength to write,

Something great, like what is on its inside.   

A Telescope

A telescope is an extension of the hopeful eye;

A rocket held up to the eye socket.

A missile to the moon and a great spy.

Some so small, you put them in your pocket.  

It is  an exponential projection

Reaching destinations faster than light.

A huge  erection - made for detection

Of crystalized celestial satellites. 

The spyglass! A metaphorical ship,

On a single pupil hinge it does steer.

Giant taste buds of the visual lip-

A black hole sucking  the universe near.  

I can blast to stars and zippety zoom

As I sit on chairs in my little room.

A Tube of Oil Blue Paint

Or how about a tube of blue oil paint? 

At the first take what a boring object.

But maybe I should just better acquaint;

There must be things I don’t see, I neglect.

The volume weighs heavy in my hand…

I could think on how much sky I could spread- 

Or aqua green sea shoring to some land.

Or how it turns purple if mixed with red.  

It’s skin’s a bit pitter- pattered, hodge - podged 

Like a Jackson Pollack modern painting;

Different colors smudge, smear, drip, and dodge,

To be honest it’s quite stimulating.

When I unscrew the thumb gripping cap,

I see buttery - fat, wet and blue crap.

A Safety Pin

A clothes pin, paper clip, a bobby pin...

Its wire wound around with a needled end.

(Im looking online and rubbing my chin).

What in the world are these things called again?  

Oh .. a safety pin.  I found its photo.

One had better be careful not to prick

Ones finger tip, gentle hand or big toe.

-A tack or a tick on a seat to stick -

Some blood could bubble into a pin drop

Onto the soft skins corpuscle or pore.

You will have to put cotton on to stop

It.  A swab of alcohol or maybe more.  

Iv’e used one to keep my pants from falling;

I had lost some weight and they were sprawling.

    A Corkscrew


A corkscrew is a mechanical man,

His arms lay straight and rigid to his sides.

He has enormous scarecrow, tin -man hands,

And his wheeling shoulders are gear- toothed drives.

His spinal chord turns like spiral clockwork;

His head is a bottle- capped alien,

All together he’s like some stiff desk clerk.

His neck is like Alice in Wonderlands.

He is floating on a fishing cork,

Like he’s afraid of sharks in the water.

If I’m objective, he looks like a dork

Frantically tilting on a bobber.  

Or a dummy who’s been drinking early;

Or a sunken sailor getting surly.

             Russian Tea Pot


Life is a nightmare and then you are dead;

( And who could argue?)  But in the meantime,

I am looking at an elephant head.

Its color’s shiny like a silver dime.

People tell me its a Russian tea pot;

And I’ll take them for their knowledgable word.

The brew, I guess, comes out from its trunk - hot

Into a cup, then condiments are stirred.

The elephant’s ear lobes look like they’re pierced.

Not knowing better, I’d think it was Thai.

A kettle whistle looking something fierce

Turns out to be a knob on his head.  Guys

I knew from Moscow University,

Had a lot of Vodka and one of these.  

A Cup of Coffee


Bubbles form round the muddied waters rim;

They froth and pop like effervescent soap.

The white pottery’s smooth and molded brim

hugs the stewed brews  - anti- depressant dope.

The polished handle looks like Snoopy’s nose,

the cups opening's an egg-shaped oval.

Im in the mood for stimulating prose

Rocked by beans browned - those burnt colored opals.

A mind- altering intellectual

I become; I could use a cigarette.

Tonics - pills are also effectual;

Restoratives, but in the wider set.  

Swirling steam spins in mini-winded straights;

A whirling gaseous entropic state.  

Salt Shaker

The salt shaker sits bright on winters day.

Snow reflects in the white colored crystals.

The shaded values descend to dark gray.  

Im sitting in a cafe with windows.  

The glass container is an octagon  

With a perforated and swollen head.

(A metallic chef bakers hat screwed on).

You could toss it over some fine french bread. 

For all I know there’s cocaine in the flask

Because I personally never salt.

Some people put the top on- as to mask

That its not on tight.  Then some sod, no fault

of his, pours it all on his dish and plate.

Im sure there’s more you can do with sulfate.  

A Bar of Soap

Gathering lather, some chubby cream green

Lubricating my plump body with oil;

I scrub and brush my hairy arm pits clean,

And use thickeners on blots that are soiled.

I mix lithiums with soluble lime,

(for the hard spots I use metallic acid);

And hygiene thinners for slippery slime

On my blubbery belly that’s flaccid.        

I glide gelatins on my femur bone,

And rub solvents on my pimples and boils,

But palm splash the side I sit on the throne.

(with toiling tussle- and toilet turmoil).

And with turpentine and bubbled molecules,

I skim grime getting on my bald jewels.

Train Tracks

My love is  trailing  off into a grove

On a hazy day in August  summer.

Down tracks of time and through shaded alcoves;

Of course I can hear a distant drummer.

How many miles have I travelled since then?

Why do I feel Iv’e learned nothing at all?

If only I could turn back the time when 

I was young, innocent…. before the fall.

Somewhere down that line I became bitter,

hardened by practical necessities.

I forgot about the magic glitter

that floats aloft softly on a faint breeze.

What is life if you have no one to love?

But a drudgery?  A push and a shove?

A Stick

Any old broken piece of weathered wood,

Yellowed and airy , a hollowed wind pipe.

The cold rains and icy snows its withstood 

give it its light charcoal black and marked stripes.

When I twist it in my hand like a piston

In a shaft,  gritty fibers smoke my mind.

A fire forms fueled  from the forced friction,

Kindling and  fanning a rich flame for rhyme. 

Its bark sparks and spikes my frontal cortex.

Galvanized with explosive incentive,

But suddenly I dip!  “ Oedipus Rex.”

The thought crosses with a self -invective.

A guilty conscience smothers my hot verve;

Dampened, smoldering, how could I the nerve?  

A Trophy

Im the golden blue- eyed boy of tennis;

I move well in my tight t- shirt and shorts.

From Columbus, Ohio to Memphis.

I dance championed wins on hard and clay courts.

My chest broadens with pride and arrogance;

Those were the days I was a superstar.

Before I tripped into drugged decadence,

I travelled the United States by car.  

The cup’s a viking’s  helmet upside down.

The winged handles look like a “V for victory,

Or an “A” for pompous “ass”  turned around.

Tween the two I waver unsteadily.

Supporting myself so I’m not a drag;

But not to the point I begin to brag.

Th Half-Way House       on the Hill

Merciless, the clouds move -mercurial

Over the red half - way house on the hill.

Stalking the steel blue sky- homicidal,

Their cold - manic,  on a moody thrill kill.

The house stands like the falling titanic,

With a gothic double stacked brick chimney.

Lights on in two rooms but not the attic,

Like a sick play put on by Walt Disney.

An Oak and Maple tree foreground the scene,

How many have come and gone down the lawn?

A man’s on the walk, he’s over eighteen;

The house must look and think, “ my how they spawn”.

Im sorry to be alarming and grim;

But Times I view the world - a horror film.

Still Life

The pen brushes on ten syllabic strokes  

Tracing the contours of some plant still life;

In blood red dye, the silk sumac is soaked,

The word is the color and it is rife. 

White Yarrow’s a popping combination. 

A sentence is an extended paint line.

Reedy stork grass dances like an Egyptian

Near draping backdrop curtains - cherry wine.

The sumac branch is fuzzy like velvet, 

An adolescent deers budding antlers,

I haven’t really described it all yet,

I haven’t reached acceptable standards.

Maybe I have no imagination;

Painting what I see, with no distortion.

A Pumpkin

A pumpkin is a Childs warm memory

Mushrooming magical minds to  wonder.

Its marshmallow orange and rubbery 

And it grows from a great ground swell under.

It wears a green witches hat on its top

That bursts out like a bratwurst cannon ball,

or candle wick on its head - its squash crop 

Celebrated in the wild winds of fall.

Harpies brew it in their stew to ward off

demons.  Ghosts unearth them in late midnight.

Pigs slurp them up in muddied sloppy troughs,

Frosts love to hug them in morning daylight.

Middle aged men buy them at grocery stores,

And write about them for ancient folklore.

A Russian Tin

Rubles inside a Russian canister,

Tumble like gold inside a barreled keg.

A red and licorice black, thick, lacquer

Ornament the half -oriental egg.

Rotundly ribboned stripes, swirl

Around its bulging and hooped mid section;

Feathered and fanning foliage unfurls-

Encircling in rhythmic directions.

Green, gold and sprouting silver petals-

Flow around like flowers blown by the wind.

The paint is so smooth it feels  like metal.

A Soviet treasure troved jingling tin.  

Who’s responsible? This fabulous thing?

Their names are forever lost and missing.

A Tennis Court

The game of life is a tough tennis match;

If you start to win, turn the screws double. 

Otherwise your opponent might catch

An airy hopeful bubble, then?…..trouble.

Winning is awful, but not like losing.

Your adversary of course is “the other”.

And they want to give you a blue bruising,

Especially if it is your brother.

What was your salvation just seconds yore,

Now, if acted again, is your demise.

Context is everything.  What is more

The drop shot is no longer a surprise.

When all else fails, all the strategy,

Get the ball in the court once more than he.

A Sculpture 

Mother’s reclined with her hands under head,

Or are they plugging her hurt but deaf ears?

She’s copper alloy on a marble bed.

Disappearing into the leaves and years.

The clay is bronzed and browned, cast in red earth. 

Her hips form the folds of a hollowed tomb;

Her paperclip pelvis is giving birth

In the molded empty space that’s her womb.

A shadowed ghost - moth in coiled chrysalis,

My mothers death has made me infantile.

She’s barely half -way out of  existence.

My memory stretches back for miles

To when I was a child on her shoulder;

I’ll be with her again, when I’m older.

Windows seen through windows eases my pain;

A mirror inches backwards in my head.

Black paper’s placed behind a crystal pane, 

Some extra space through which the light is led.

Where distanced and adjacent angles meet ,             

They give one the sense that there’s more volume-    

An aperture, or puncture in the sheet,

Broadens perspective - objectifies room.

Grief’s refracted  in a mirage of space,

Diluted between the mind’s two glass eyes,

And the plane that stands rear inside your face-

The image and place where the real truth lies.

This poem is meant to extend your scope;

To air your care, so you can better cope.  

Objects in the Back of                the Head

The Double Slit            Experiment

A womans the two slit experiment.

Is she a wave or just a particle?

A man spies to see what is evident.  

But she’s illogical, nonsensical. 

When the scientist forces the issue,

She escapes from his cage of concepts.

He longs to touch a piece of her tissue.

But She will not be groped by his forceps.

The slut is split into saintly spectrums.

Heavens condensed into a single slut.

Repeat the test this time in a vacuum,

With one of the observation slits shut.

The lab work’s beautifully uncertain,

between cellular hell and pure heaven.  

Lamp Posts

A black licorice wick standing in air-

Parts of us from the nineteenth century.

Illuminating gardens - public squares.

Keeping robbers at bay in big cities.

Candle lit, oil, gas, coal and electric-

Baltimore, Paris and of course London.

A place to hang haughty, noble skeptics 

During the naughty French Revolution.

Down murky winding streets- try not to trip.

The gory days of Edgar Allen Poe-

That last passer-bye might be Jack the Rip.

Fossil -fueled soldiers smoking in a row.  

Culture and Civilizations lamp posts;

Lighting the way for naive souls and ghosts.

A Bridge

What’s a thing?  Take for example a bridge.

Its made of grey blocks - concrete and wall stone

With an arched negative -spaced ridge.

So what?  Maybe it looks like an old phone?

Is there anything more than description?

A scattering branch frames a cold scene.

The water’s liquid metal.  There’s vision,

Hearing, smell, touch and taste - a bush is green.

Paul Revere’s late!  Gallops the overpass!

Maybe this is where fiction wins the day.

People want to be lied to with pizzazz-

They just want to be taken far away.

But Ive put faith in realities fire;

Shunning the imaginative liar. 

A Guitar

A classical nylon dusty guitar,

Light and shadows shine magic through the strings.

Like everyone, I want to be a star,

With a song- a psalm, a lieder to sing.

The guts, the sinews have been plucked and drawn;

The skin has been pulled tight over the drum.

Oh ye primitive man- let’s play till dawn,  

Even if we sound outdated and dumb.

The will vibrates up the vine - vertebra.

The bone shadows on the wall climb like fire- 

The spine counts out meaningless algebra,

While we dramatize, play, the timeless Lyre.

Smoke rises onwards through stars and through life-

Dancing to the mystical pipe and fife.

La gravure sur bois orange d'un homme japonais,

Il tient un bâton d'allumette dans sa main.

Il est vieux et ressemble à un sorcier

Maintenant, il rit comme un petit enfant.

Il a une très longue et droite barbe,

Il porte une pomme de terre sur la tête,

Il porte un long costume drapé, ou garb

On dirait qu'il vient juste de faire la fête.

Sa tête est très grosse comme il est omniscient,

Comme pour dire ne vous inquiétez pas, tout n'est qu'un jeu.

Peut-être qu'il s'appelle “Yamamoto” ou “Jean”,

Mais je parie que ses yeux ne sont pas bruns mais bleus.

Il est à la hauteur de la chaussure d'un homme;

Le mot "aum" je pense qu'il marmonne.

L'homme Japonais en Bois

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris

I saw Notre Dame cathedral today,

I think that she has never looked better.

“You’ve lost reality.”  I hear you say,

“Oh how can you say that after the fire!?”

Her double choir was glowing in the gold sun-

Her nave and facade were just breath taking!

Her spire and statues- almost fixed and done.

Her rib-cage: vaulted, buttressed, and flying.

Time, place, and things can be mixed and jumbled-

I never pay heed to reality;

Even if I’ve tripped on it and stumbled.

I’m an optimist!   Like Don Quixote.

Tomorrow I’ll go to Musee d’Orsay;

Or perhaps the Louvre,  it’s hard to say…

Numbers, Letters, and Paint

Painting with words or painting with colors,

One never really will get at “ the thing”.

“1… 2… 3…” ...nor will painting  with numbers.

Even in the word “ string”, something's missing.

On a gigantic “invisible force”,

The whole wide universe seems to be based.

Upon which everything runs its course-

Numbers and paint swirl- but just surface chase;

Even “gravity”… what the hell is it?

Other than hard to defy in mornings?  

It pulls at my face and it drops my shit

And my oatmeal bowl receives its pourings. 

Whatever it is… I’ve thought it unfair;

We all disappear into “it” …nowhere.  

A Lunch Box

Mom wanted me to be like superman;

I remember when she bought me this box.

Of Christopher Reeves, she was a huge fan;

Dad’s homosexual, a paradox.

Dad wanted me to be a tennis star;

And so he was a total psychotic. 

We travelled the states together by car,

And so it was borderline erotic.

I wasn’t what she wanted me to be;

She wanted me polite with etiquette;

Dad didn’t much give a fuck about me;

So long as I held a tennis racquet.

Not really sure what it is Iv’e become;

I don’t think I satisfied either one.  

A Fire Hydrant

A blood vessel bursts in Chicago’s streets;

A red pepper cooks in an oily pan.

A place to cool off in the summer heat.

“Oh, this is a job for the superman.”

A pump used to discourage rioting;

One more 19th century invention.

Pressure cannons that are disquieting-

Others having the best of intentions.

A thing that saves lives or other objects;

Hook up a hose to flush a sewer drain.

“An apartment’s on fire in the projects,                   But we’ve blown a valve in the water main.”

A place for iron to corrode to ash;

A spot for your wobbly knee-cap to smash.

   The Cherry and            Silver Spoon

Ive been told it’s “trash, a sign of our age.”

The sculpture, “ The cherry and silver spoon.”

What do I know?  It is so hard to gauge.

I admit it is easy to lampoon.  

But I’m partial to maraschino’s.  My 

Grandfather put them in our 7up.

I find them much more….more…  why should I lie?

More meaningful to me than Christs last cup

And Da'vinci’s last supper.  White wild- rice,

Campbells soup,  tupperware  are the new gods;

and the massive exchange of merchandise.

No more the musculature of a bod.

What is good?   What is bad?  What’s beautiful?

Generations on …..still disputable.  

A Tennis Ball

A rubber yellow-green felt tennis ball;

A group of them makes your room smell like farts,

Or a muddy salimander’s swamp.  Walls

Will bounce them back to you.  Buy them at marts.

They have loops, seams, kind of like baseballs do.

(This may all seem pointless, a waste of time.

Least I’m not causing a hullabaloo,

Or out committing gross and heinous crimes.)

Its fabric’s like peach fuzz -  a young man’s face.

It’s the size used in billiards or pool.

In clubs you find them all over the place.  

In suburbs they’re often soaked with dog drool.

I'm sure I have seen 500 thousand;

Singles is like prison on two islands.  

Post Card from London

Im in London today… bought a cheap flight.

I am in a slightly bad part of town.

So I hope everything will be alright.

All of the leaves have turned to rusty brown.

Big Ben’s clock-light was out, it was pitch dark.

But I love the lampposts around the Thames.

The Tower Bridge- the towns defining mark.

There’s unrest in some Muslim parts,  it stems

From religious differences they say.

I also saw the St Paul’s Cathedral,

Buckingham Palace,  early in the day.

Reading up on London Tower …lethal.  

P.s.  I will write again this weekend.

For tomorrow I will be in Scotland.

Sculpted Old Man

The sculpted old man, still wet with black clay;

His rain coat is dripping perhaps from rain.

He looks somber, resigned- he’s had his day;

No longer fights as hard against the pain.

He leans to his right but he’s a leftist.

(At least that is what my best guess is.)  Why

that’s no concern though today.  What’s left is 

A step… a shuffle… a timid reply.

The leaves are golden and wild like corn flakes;

Another nobody- I’ve overlooked.

Perhaps he has the Old Parkinson shakes.

(I snicker) … but violently mistook

these frumpy suckers to be without souls;

Stampeding them in pursuit of my goals.  

A Sonnet

I guess the charts say I won’t reproduce.

Maybe to mine own self I was too true.

I never found the treasure or the use.

Maybe the waves were too rough and too soon.  

I hear a sailor, “ you had it easy!

I would have loved to have had what you had!”

That just makes me feel all the more queasy.

Maybe I loved too much, it hurt so bad;

And that is how I have become so cold.  

I didn’t start the harbor evil- mad.

When a young boy, before my soul was sold;

To help and serve others, I was so glad.

In oceans of evolving sea warfare;

Foundering ships must abandon their care.   

A Day in Scotland

Oh what a day today in Old Scotland!

The castles walls were sprouting like mushrooms!

We got to wear kilts up in the Highlands.

We saw one fortress host a bride and groom.

The citadels got lost in perspective;

Grew… just like they were jack in the bean stalks.

So charming!   Like they lost their objectives.  

We were led by tour guides who gave us talks; 

Walked down to the shore and foaming sea side.

We laughed…I got a geyser in my face.  

Regrettably, I lost film in the tide;

They rolled out from the side of my suit case. 

Luckily I still have a few shots saved;

Here’s a couple, a couple of my faves.  

A Falcon on a Fence

I saw a falcon sitting on a fence

While walking in the middle of Paris.

She peered keen but friendly, but also tense.

As I neared she fluffed her feathers- an heiress

To her space.  I was taken by her size.  

I felt slightly threatened and in danger. 

A foot larger, I’d protect my face - eyes.   

To her I was just another stranger

Walking down the pass.  As I got closer,

It was confirmed… she flew over my head.

Had I been twenty years or more older,

Its not inconceivable I’d be dead.  

The wild kingdom’s power is beautiful;

Often so long as one’s still strong...youthful.  

My Muse

What is my muse?  For I used to have one;

Reduced to looking at various things.

Truth?  I’m afraid of love; so I have none.

Ive strived to be a self- sufficient King;

Subjecting no one to my leaking strife.  

Yet in the pressure to contain my pain,

I spilled some more leaking strife.   Others lives 

We can’t help but flood, it all seems so vain.

The cure’s the disease- the disease?  The cure;

Back - forth  this has been going on so long.  

Who’s you?  Who’s me?  - its so hard to endure.

My bucket has holes and I’m not as strong.  

The lines are awash fading into blue;

Crossed- out, smudgded, smeared and lost, tween who is who.

A Writer

I think I’ll write for the rest of my years,

For that is who I really am.  I lose

The real me in those other endeavors;

I get angry… start to gamble and booze.

Even if no one ever hears or sees,

I’ll always keep my keys and papers safe.

I’ll do what’s mostly convenient for me;

Dare I say, if I become a poor waif.

Someday maybe I’ll write a good story,

Not sure what about.  I’ve an idea…

“An old English man drives a green lorry

Down into the bowels of India”.

When he gets there he becomes a Hindu;

Renounces all, then becomes a guru.  

A Clown

I didn’t let the wild rabid dog pass…

I got down with it in leaves and wrestled.

Now I’ll spend the rest of my days an ass;

Foaming at the eyes and mouth, unsettled.

I kind of knew it was a big mistake.

As I twisted round to gawking viewers,

The deranged dingo jawed me to ground steak.

When he was done, the crowd closed …I got skewered.  

Now I hang around town with my eyes crossed;

With a side of drool hanging off my lip.

People ask me directions, but I’m lost...

I point to vague clouds with a finger tip.  

Now my life’s a total non -sequitur;

A Tragic Theatre of the Absurd.

Paranoia- the Disease is the Cure.

People I know would love to see me mad,

Quietly removed from society.

They’d pretend to be all worried and sad;

But inside relieved of anxiety.

I stand in the way of their ambitions,

Unwilling to play a part in their plays.

Just being, I block their plans… grand missions.

Lives live on lives- you see it everyday.

It’s late in the game, but I eat salads.

They say fish is also good for the brains.

I’ve even heard singing songs or ballads

Will diminish toxic stresses and strains.

I have one goal, and that’s to keep my mind;

And stay awake to duplicitous designs.    


Anger forms from affronts to self-image;

The fear of depressing diminishment.

A response to external "sacrilege";

A “me” taking a holy precedent.  

Occassionaly there's a Holocaust

That justifies, demands righteous outrage.

Bot more than not, most things get lost and tossed

Into petty - trivial mind games.  Pages

Turn- folks learn there’s no stock in getting mad;

It’s all about becoming an adult.

But by that time they’re far too old and sad;

And to add by then too weak to assault.

I’ve driven “anger”, I didn’t get far.

In fact, we went in reverse in that car.

A Mansion in Cornwall,                 England

We arrived at the mansion in Cornwall;

It must have been a half -past ten.

They say Jane Austen stayed here in the Fall;

It would have been great to be alive then.

We drove a carriage like the 1800’s;

I felt like I was going back in time.

Saw desks where Wordsworth wrote about druids,

And stone walls where English Wild Ivy climbs.

For I felt I could stay here forever;

Our breakfast windows framed the countryside.

But alas!  I have endless endeavors;

For a long vacation, I can’t reside.

Life’s a journey, but we can never stay;

Always being called to be on our way.  


Some years ago, I declared my “genius”.

I had been reading too much Oscar Wilde;

And a friend of mine said I was.  Venus

Was hot in those days, all things were defiled.

I was a loaded camel in wastelands,

Bowing to the lord dragon of “Thou Shalt”.

Nothing grew on those grains of fiery sand;

For renewed loads, demands, I knelt and knelt.

Till I saw other undulates break free,

Galloping the mirage and oasis.

They turned their heads with contempt for me,

Their speed, new views, made me look complacent.  

Suddenly conscious of my slavery;

I threw off my load in proud vagary.  

A Summer Hat

Like the proud owner of Curious George,

I will write about a man’s wicker hat.

I get out my pen and anvil, and forge 

Ahead.  Fortunately I’ve never sat

On this one.  On its inside it has two tags;

Its perforated in yellowish white.

The “v” shaped warp and woof has a slight snag.

Airy, it blows off when I fly my kite.  

A wafer with texture like a triscuit,

It tapers off in front with a slight bent;

A bristled whisk,  worn while watching cricket;

Two thick lawn chairs gave it a skewed shape dent.  

I’m a fuddy dud, all I need are slacks;

I'm losing my hearing, hope its just wax.

Shaving Cream, Aftershave, and Razor

A whisker’s encrusted on a rust can,

and the after shave smells like scotch whiskey.

The instruments are the sign of a grown man,

For 5 o’clock shadows when jaws are grizzly.  

An aerosol blasts out some frosted foam

Like a tire being pumped by pressured air;

Fluffy clouds billow out into white domes,

Melted marshmallow whip- cream.  Facial hair

Cut clean and peppered with cool liquor cheeks,

Metal blades run grist on wired sand- paper. 

Memories of my grade school teacher who reeked

Of thick cologne and barbasol vapor.  

One of several pleasures in being man;

That, and drawing up - building master plans.  

Music and the Piano

A xylophone of bones- or black capped teeth;

Sonic chances layed out on a keyboard.

Modular moods on a vertebra of keys,

From “Piano Man” to “Thou art my lord”.

Schopenhauers “will” translated direct,

“Grasps mankind, but mankind cannot grasp”.

Harpsichord, Grand, or modern electric,

When Beethoven played people cried and gasped.  

Anxiety art vibrating down scales:

Sonatas, dances and Bach’s baroque fugues.

Rap- country -Jazz-   the blind played it like braille,

From Guam -Texas - Chile - back to Dubuque.  

I got a late start on learning to read;

The teacher got pissed and told me to leave.  

George Eliot

During my life I was madly oppressed;

Men tried to mold me into something else.

They changed my name- face,  and even my dress;

But I couldn’t conform to something false.  

I was extremely upset at the first;

“Oh how dare they define and confine me!”

I felt I was under some kind of curse;

I became bitter, ugly and angry.

But they were the strainers  - I was the strained,

They were the sifters and I was the sift,

Particles -gold separated from grain,

For years this went on until what was left...

“Purified by pain, I would still be read;

And I would live, long after I am dead.”  

A Roll of Tape

Here is a roll of silver duct tape,

It probably has a hundred uses.

Some work it to tie- muzzle and then rape;

Others to connect coils of house fuses.  

Usually just a temporary fix,

Has veins under its skin where tape got tucked.

The adhesive’s some kind of backing mix;

Sticky enough to get a house mouse stuck.

Made from paper cloth, plastic film -  tacky, 

Like a latex gum.  Keeping car bumpers up-

Been applied to things that are simply wacky;

Like splints securing the legs of hurt pups. 

Everything’s broken and falling apart;

If your life is too, they’re down at the mart.  


When I faced evil, I cowered and bowed;

He was always to be the stronger man.

The proof was how I shied away -been cowed;

Twas obvious that good was lesser than.

In a perfect world it should be reversed.

I shouldn’t have had to flex a muscle.

Just his thought of darkness would be his curse;

Good vs Evil  shouldn’t be a struggle.  

But to hold my ground I became the foe,

And used his warped weapons of destruction.

And after the war was done, I didn’t know,

When it was time for a reduction.

I kept blasting guns in sharp popping flames,

At innocent names like Paul, Sarah…James.

A Pine Cone

Fibonacci sequence is in pine cones,  

And possibly as well a fractal structure.

Winter mint- chew, menthol blue-  and ice blown;

Needles surround them like acupuncture.  

Their sticky sap’s a frosted coated gum,

A crystalloid and wax turpentine.

A plop of white snow on top like a plum,

Grandpa had a line of colored shoe shines.

He would use the guck to buff and spruce up

His loafers- in tints of browns and blacks.

The dyes came in tobacco dip tins -pucks.

White ankles ‘neath static electric slacks.  

Twas a tube vacuum next to the polish,

In grandpas house basement.  (now demolished.)

A Shoe

Animals skins wrapped around the soft feet,

The same thing  40,000 years ago.

To cushion souls from hard roads and harsh streets;

A jump and a skip and a stones throw.

Broken - penciled in like an artist’s sketch;

Man must make what nature forgot to give.

- A step, a stride, a trample and a fetch -

The homeless need them up north just to live.  

Stamped hides, tanned, needle worked and thread leathered,

The soles are blistered like salt on raw meat.

There’s a drag on the toe -  the treads are weathered-

Some are waterproofed for rain- snow and sleet. 

You get lopsided marshmallow loafers;

When you scurry round town like a gopher.

A Poem is a Hi-way in the Head

If I see a word coming up ahead,

I drive into its outline with headlights.

If it matches ones rhyming in my head,

And even if it doesn’t feel quite right.

Sometimes the sign’s a dark Jungian thing;

Many would suggest I guide around it.



Gambling - “ better to address, than suppress”,

I accelerate into curving lines;

While shaded shapes trail off into ditches past -

Ghost-shadows are chased away from behind,

You might think me a wild madman and mean;

But keep your eye on the projecting beam.

They tell me I am just a “cute” poet,

Never showed interests as a “dramatist”.

( they take jabs, I pretend not to know it),

Nor even in being a novelist.

Desire’s the pain, the source we all suffer;

So I will play the role they want me to be.

But I’ll fire a pit in space-times fiber-

My core- that transcends all categories.  

Here in this black hole I’ve fabricated, 

The fabric folds into a carpet burn.

My whole mass, my body concentrated,

A warp- a tugging of events up- turned.

In pressure -pulled rugs twixt chaos and form;

Perhaps a new Universe will be born.

The Poet

Cherry Chapstick

Cherry chapstick is occasionally

(if the scent is just right-  out of the blue)

A source of a very fond memory.

But not always.  Its weird.  Like some shampoos,

The smell needs to catch me off guard.

I know its from my childhood, the details

Though, I can’t place.  As I’m older its hard

To remember these things… memories fail.  

But its never a bad recollection 

involving cherry chapstick.  Just nothing

happens.  But in right channels, connections;

the right strains or whiffs- a certain something 

Can be triggered.  Up til about aged 6,

Life was wild magic - cherries, kites and tricks.


Twas in London again two days ago;

I didnt realize how close it is.

These mansions were in the district “Hounslow”,

(don’t worry- I won’t  make you take a quiz).

Someday maybe I will move from Paris

And get a small apartment somewhere there.

Near Apple Studios, or that ferris 

Wheel, or maybe even Trafalgar Square.

Walked on cobblestone down old Baker Street,

The black lamps stamped diminishing patterns -

Saw where Sherlock and Watson would meet

Under those very same coal lit lanterns.

As you see, I hate being in my skin;

I’d prefer anywhere-  even Berlin.  

Chapter 31

Tom was fidgety, he picked up a glass;

Diane was upstairs with the little kids.

He looked out the window at the green grass;

he anxiously put his keys up amid

A shelf nailed into the wall.   He put down

His brief case near the sofa.  Yelled upstairs,

“  Hey Diane- what are these ribbons around

The floor?”  And she called back, “  those are Jane Eyres -

Katy is portraying her in a play!”

Tom was strange, his hand quivered.  He replied, 

“Ok… so I will not throw them away”.

But the truth is that Diane had just lied.

Diane had been seeing a handsome man,

He’d been there before with flowers... name’s “Stan”.


I wake up feeling guilty everyday,

For not defending self, or far too much.

Being born, is the debt I have to pay,

This life- game demands a delicate touch.  

Hanging on a dam by my fingernails,

There are eleven holes- I’ve only ten.

A thousand feet below are wet rags - pales,

I plug one thumb- the other sprouts again.  

I’d have the mind to just fall off the cliff-

Let the massive river blow me away;

Bursting chunks of concrete, breaking my skiff;

My bod, washed to smithereens in white spray.

Life is a blind willing or a clinging urge;

That keeps me filling holes, amidst the surge.  

A Tape Measure

Tape measures measure an abstract concept;

Like “time”, the number “5”, or “large dollars”.   

In this case - "inches", "meters", and "footsteps".

Its dragon tongue runs like a blade runner-

Giving the illusion of open space.

It’s a metal box to be clipped on belts,

At building sites there all over the place.

Sometimes they’re where irons are being smelt.  

When building a landscape, there nice to grab.

There’s almost like a file or a small vent- 

“Just push down on the black and silver tab.”

They’re cooler when they have a couple dents.  

I’ve used them to assess the length of string -

What kind you may ask?  I am not saying.  

A Nail Clipper 

Skippers needed them I am sure at sea;

especially if gone more than a month.

Along with their lemons to prevent scurvy.

They probably bathed with some soap and sponge. 

Has a lever top - a  Big Dipper cup,

That pivots - balances on a fulcrum;

Its heel digs down but its edge pulls up

On a pin- (thats where the power comes from).

Then two chomp choppers-  are buried beneath;

They look like a vaulting board - gymnasts horse.

Their necks press down into sharp biting teeth; 

And you don’t even need to use much force.

Be careful not to cut a fingertip;

Otherwise you might just hear yourself yip. 

A Mailbox

Planes, trains - mailboxes in the USA  

Have not changed in 50 or more so years.

The four -legged cans are ones yesterday.

Mr. Mcfeely and that Cliff in Cheers,

Played mailmen in some television shows.    

Often called: post, pillar, mail, or drop box,

Depending which side the ocean you go- 

The eagle’s a cool sign… image of flocks

of seagulls flying over the blue sea.  

Bullet- holes bolt shut metallic seems - rims.  

Love the color blue.... I’m in the Navy.  

Incoming- out-  watch the letters swim!

The first one?  Paris 1653.

I also loved them on Sesame Street.  

A Mailbox No. 2

Blue /white with a red line near the eagle.

Jump out of car-  there’s one on the corner.

A sign of the government- its regal.

This one’s stapled to slab of block mortar.

From the side it’s oval, the front a square.

I like the swinging handled door on top.

A key hole at its belly- or near there.

A snuff box - pepper tin…a letter drop.  

Four feet tall- a rounding or gymnasts horse

of The United States Postal Service.

Often found in any public concourse-

Like our old coronet car’s blue surface.  

This one has some scrapes and scratches in front;

Could go with a red tractor in a stunt.  

The Cattle and the            Crocs

To bully no one and not be bullied,

The sickness of the world has made me sick.

The goal, “to defend myself - unsullied!”,

ironically made an offensive prick.

I bullied mom to give me manly space- 

For a wide berth from the Oedipal curse,

Twas doing it for the whole human race,

But mom suffered alone for the worse.  

The wildebeest is driven by dry lands,

Corralled by need to a watering hole,

Led by blind thirst, (an invisible hand), 

To find crocodiles devouring him whole.  

Lives live on lives and I have done my share;

Iv’e been both the crocodile and the mare.  

A Paint Brush

A false eyelash on a foot long wood -stick;

The handle is stained in blue and green oil.

The headdress of African shaman chicks,

While she dances on alluvial soil.

A mohawk- massive spike - a feathered fan,

Good for the textured impressions of shrubs.

From the left to right- a peacock’s tail that’s panned-

Or the hair style of young men in night clubs.  

A blush damp pamper - a dabble of paint.

A powder print flavoring  - fan felt dash.

The finest of featherings ever so faint,

Did I mention my aunties false eye-lash?

Twist it in your hand and it might brushfire;

Or pepper a face for The Sixteen choir.

On Writing

People want authenticity 

In literature, not phony voices;

So I kill them, but not literally.

I do not know what the other choice is.  

In reading others works, do but a sec-

Otherwise they may leave a false timbre- 

A foreign tone - contaminating speck.  

When I write, I am a mass-murderer;

And I would expect you to do the same.

Read this thing here, but then run-  clear your head;

Kill all voices that are not in your name. 

Here, take this gun... do what I have just said.

Shoot me as I smoke this lit cigarette;

For I might or might not be in your debt.  

A Cherry Chair

The Cherry Chair- its seat’s a pumped cough drop;

Its back rest is a cork- pinned butterfly.

A place for your middle-aged ass to plop,

As you both let out a deflating sigh. 

The frame reminds me of a tricycle,

Or our red wheel- barrow in the garage.

And that orange tent that Chris and Michael

Had up North… fake vampire bat…a barrage

Of memories and sensations.  Perry 

Mason comes to mind for some weird reason,

Maybe it’s because it has a very 

50’s style…a guy’s smoking…treason

He’s in a diner - damsel’s in distress;

Perry reads next morning he’s “dead”in the press. 

Here’s a red octagonal lollipop

On top of about an 8 foot high post.

It’s telling drivers to slow to a “stop”,

But many don’t bother and they just coast

Through.  The army green rod’s a javelin,  

Spear -headed into the November turf.

Some drive to the store, not travelin

Far, others on way to the L.A. surf.

I’ve come up with: “stop”, “tops”, “spot”, “opts”, “post”, “pots”.

There are two pellets pelted in metal;

I can’t find more, can you find some more dots?

The two bolts have bent - dented the frontal

Part of the frame.  The sign’s like a wafer

Or a frisbee, sucker,  or life saver.  

A Stop Sign

The Sun

Early dawn’s a fawn - a baby pink birth,

High noon’s the full chest - a young mans prime,

Dusk, the musty mildew - a dusty dearth;

You can see why humanity hates time.  

So ‘stead of the arc, I’ll stick to the thing;

The sun’s a bursting starburst -blinding eye,

White light with yellow spiked rays and rings,

Lemons tasted and then squirted awry.

Uninterrupted till earth turns her back,

Few dare to look it,  with a naked peep;

Put your hand up with four fingers just cracked,

Squint your lashes together - screen the seep.

When Bill is dying, he will have no son;

But the one out the window - looked upon.  

A Pine Tree in Fibonacci Form





















pine tree                 

Is forming            

And the sentences 

Are high branches that are growing,     

Broadening down in greater fibonacci sequences      

and going in reverse from top to bottom in this new pattern that I am testing. 


guide rules    

Printed up       

Above, are a source,   

A Recipe - measuring cup.    

Thirteen is next in this natural syllabic course     

And I’ve made up a rhyme scheme that seems reasonable so there might be use in questing.    

Every grouping downwards gains an extra branch that is a little bit longer than the grouping before, (in terms of how many beats it gets).

Down here is the trunk

I ‘ve chosen be sunk    

Into the ground…shrunk    

where the water's drunk.  


I am a man from Minneapolis,

I am a prisoner of circumstance.

My last name is not Panagopoulos,

Nor am I from Berlin, England, or France.

When viewing things I see particulars,

And never ever the Universal.

No one ever gave me binoculars 

So I could see the forest boreal.

You and I are different as dif can be.

You, from Canada, Egypt, and Japan,

We share no patterns,  similarities; 

nor commonalities I imagine.

I do as I am told, I jot it down;

If men say “city”, I’ll never say “town”.

A Spruce Tree (read from bottom up)




Thought I won't



Is my spirit “5”

This right now?



Wheres feeling?  Are we mechanic?  

If all is numbered.




It is time. (a pre- programmed, encoded hieroglyph.)

It mathematically knew

Branch again as if

Starts a new

Then it


With greater and greater confidence and strength as it finds new space to expand its base.

You can see this lime pea green seedling as it uncoils

Finding its place or destiny.

Is rising from soil

A spruce tree

A sprout


The Golden Ratio ( read from bottom to top)


Ocean wave

sea ship


The roar of the shore,

A fractal,

A wing,


This also looks like a feather

Yet another floor.


Step up


The skull of a diamond rattler, or grass, or corn crop.

upon which we are being led.

rising to the top

A spear head

a flame,


(We don’t sound Narcissistic.  Were’ not sorry.  These break throughs are alI we have.)

Who just stole fire from Gods to give to humanity.

We feel like cool Prometheus

or a vanity.


don’t feel


And we can see ourselves passing druids and nymphs in our stately progression.  This feels good, this extending horizon.  This feels so divine.

Into holes.  And as we climb up these stairs of liquid, the fluid flows through like reeds -vines

Or water falling down, a mountain stream, it’s draining 

buoyant -effervescent -bubbly.

fountains or some springs,

we can see 

This form.


One wonders how it all got started. What caused the number “1” to arise?  And then after that why do the numbers feed off of each other?  Building in progression off of one another?  But I like the informalities

Sea shells, sunflowers, pine cones, hurricanes, ants, Elephants, DNA molecules, black holes, whirlpools and many mountains that we like climbing.

As are all of the proportions of our body;  Earth land masses, spiral galaxies,

Are made from the same pattern as this tree Im typing,

To find something real.  Our two hands

Created out of a desperate need

And so it expands.

From a seed,

Is born


When out in groups I encountered evil,

men talked about "pussy" and "ho bitches".

There was lots of drinking and upheaval;

And so I stayed home and saved my riches.

But then I read articles on loners,

And how a lot of these gunmen were such;

So I thought I had made a slight boner,

and next day found a girlfriend for some touch.  

But then we got fighting, and I pulled her hair,

She lied and cheated on me just for fun;

I threw her across the room in her chair.

Can you believe?  The police came with guns?

Everywhere I go, evil stalks behind;

Inside and out, the seeing and the blind. 


Evil is Water

Evil’s water…. finds ways to trickle in;

Drops to low levels, sculpting even stone.

I boil it by playing the violin,

(In this leaking cave where I am alone),

But it condenses again, wetting walls.

It dribbles down icicle stalactites;

“Oh to be rid of it once and for all!”

it builds canes-  recycling stalagmites;

They shoot up then shrink… then boom to the brink!

(I play fast to evaporate it out!)

But sometimes I get so tired I just sink;

And listen to faucet drips from a spout.

“Resist not evil”, that is where I failed;

And why I sit here with wet mops and pails.

Trying New Forms

8 beats start off the very first;

Then 5 strikes are next.

Followed by full thirteen syllables to quench the thirst,

Ocho again to fill the text.


Now repeat thirteen for some wider views to be voiced,


Restate 8, we don’t want to foist

To much all at once. (We want paths that aren’t too contrived.)


Now lets recap the form again;

Exact as the last.

We can handle some repetition, were grown up men;

(“4 + 4” again for contrast).


I wonder if this invention is going to stick,

Have I cracked my lid?

I want to break the line of bricks,

You know that 14 rows / 10 enunciations grid.


I am obsessed with the number one point six one eight;

Maybe we’ll have the last two lines be together straight.


Evil’s everywhere, in her and you,

In the people who read the papers,

And in Winston Smith and Big Brother too.

Evil is a cloud, he’s a shift shaper;

He never read about the golden rule,

But if he did, it wouldn’t be of use.

To live is evil, a mirror in dual,

Evil’s hard to understand, he’s abstruse. 

He’s all omni- in and all omni- out,

And he never leaves me alone to rest,

Evil’s the fisherman and also the trout;  

(He likes to play both the host and the guest.)

Most important though, evil’s within me;

And that is what is the oh most scary.

A Deer

Tan skin or hide, she has big floppy ears,

Four scrawny legs and a white fluffy tail;

Her eyes are like two black water drop tears.

I ran into her as I crossed the trail.

Her eyes seem to say, “I want to trust you,

Should I?  I’m not sure…I want to love, but…”

I think she might be gnawing on mint chew.

Hasn’t much of a gut, she’s pretty cut;

You can even see a couple of ribs.  

This must be her local grocery store.

Grass, general foliage… she’s got dibs.  

Bet there’s pellet drops on her forest floor.

I wonder if she has ticks like the “shika”

I petted on the isle “Miyajima”. 

A Prairie

Prairie’s are fairy lands of feathered grass,

And they hold oceans of frogs and crickets.

And you can watch soft and sleepy clouds pass

As critters hum - vibrate in thick thickets.

Maple leaves will dapple all round your brow,

As summer perspires like a fevered boy.

(It feels good, the flu, that’s burning out now;

you know how the next day there’s that pure joy?)

Prairies can be golden brown like this one;

Other times Ive seen them yellow, on fire.

And they’re amazing in the late day sun.

Broccoli trees surround them like a tire. 

Let’s get lost in these forests forever;

In woods, prairies, in humid mid- summer.

"Bad Writing"

The house is like a barn almost …you know?

Frost is out in the front yard on the grass.

I can see a little bit of some snow,

The front yard has a side-walk or a pass.

Like the snow is like dandruff in my hair.

Once upon a time twas a big mansion?

That four people lived?   They also so cared

About each other.  There’s an expansion…

Or what are they called again?  Oh yea “porch”.

My friends had homes like this.  Their from Detroit.  

One year, on one of their pumpkins we took a blow torch.

Twas so funny, it caught fire and Mrs. Voigt

Called our parents to complain.  I totally don’t like cold,

I never liked writing, I liked baseball, but I did what I was told.  

A Thing at Work

I took a double dose of LSD

around the year of 1988.

I think I’m an “acid casualty”.

Ive had a hard time 30 years to date,

Performing even the simplest of tasks.

My brain is foggy like a heavy dream;

For example, when my boss tells or asks

Me to do something, I’m way- way upstream.

It registers hours later down river.  

I get fired a lot.  A six pronged blocked -spike

chained to a wood club giving hand slivers

To a Viking warrior by the name “Ike”.

This thing also looks to be from Carthage;

I saw it at work while taking out garbage.

A Tambourine

Metal bells called “zills”, (like finger cymbals),

Are paired and tied around a wooden wheel.

Tambourines are “joy”, “dance of life” symbols.

Wrap your wrist round with palms and timbre feel.

Handle the rhythm- strike your thigh and hip;

Roll the resin like a chef, pound the drum.

Just get the touch and gist, tap the top tip.

Untangle your knots, clap and thump your thumb;

And then attack it fast around the rim.

Then jingle it at a slight -angled shake,

in a group, country dance, or jangled- hymn.

I love it when they sound like rattle snakes.

Perhaps some cultures played them to bring rain;

The Gypsies of Ukraine… The Moors of Spain… 

A Fruit Tree

I am a tree that is in its season,

I’ve been able to establish some roots.

I live on an island Polynesian;

My sentences are producing fresh fruits.

Your welcome to walk up and pluck my yield,

(For me travel’s become less appealing).

I think I am just going to stay put in this field;

(There are knives in that basket for pealing.)

When you eat of me, I will live in you.

I’ll see myself in the works that you fare;

And of course the visa versa is true,

(Its just hard getting out of this lawn chair).  

This poem’s an arbor without a purpose;

But to shade, replenish you with citrus.

My Penis

Saw this in a bathroom in a diner;

It reminds me - 7th grade gym locker.

About double the height but no wider,

Now it was “swimming class” and not soccer.  

My penis was small… was a late bloomer.

These public flowers of smoke trails swirling,

(“He has no pubic hair” was the rumor.)

The shrub I didn’t have, let alone curling.   

The boy next to me had a big Beardsley bush;

He was proud and wasn’t afraid to show.

I squeezed mine behind my young knees and tush,

as to say, “Please…. I don’t want you to know!”

Today’s still a small cold room- nothing to prune; 

Unless its a warm June, then there’s a balloon.

On Reading " The Chairs That No One Sits In"

When reading it I thought, “ know what he means.

You see them often in a public space.

I have seen many of those kinds of scenes,

You look around and there is not a face.”

Except your own.  I’m in a chair now.

And that book “looked up from”  is yours.  

These days I find everything somehow,

“Deserves to be viewed” in, or out of doors. 

“Lapping of the lake water” W.B. Yeats.

Don’t worry I steel all of the time too,

I change words here, there, as do all the greats;

Plagiarizing out right, citing a few.

I wrote this in danger of kissing asses;

Calls of joy and caution, the time “passes”.  

People Study No. 1

He must be round…. 60-  65ish?

(I am conditioned to look for these things),

Looks a bit Italian or Jewish,

A fork of hair off his head is curving.

He is wearing a nice blue pin -striped suit;

His right hand holds the board while his left writes.

Seems like he probably has lots of loot,

My guess is he’s less than 6 feet in height. 

He reminds me of my brother in law;

He looks urbane and sophisticated.

His skin is olive, he has a wide jaw,

Bet his speech is well- articulated.  

From here it’s like he has a white mustache;

But I think that is just the blinds… a dash.  

People Study No. 2

Just another ordinary person

But I'm guessing that "she" is a female,

(But it could be a man or a woman).

Her hair's down, not in a ponytail.

She's carrying a "target" shopping bag;

A black back-pack is on her shoulders and back.

Some teenage boys might call her an "old hag".

All her clothes are dark as matter of fact.

There's a purse strapped around her coated chest;

She's walking with almost bell-bottomed pants.

She seems stoic and a little- bit stressed.

Like most of us she looks to be in trance. 

She is wearing glasses and a slight scowl;

And just like me, she is forming some jowls.

The Merchant's Dilemma

When centered on developing deep roots,

The quality of the produce goes up,

(But the number of customers minute).

Centered on flowery ads?  Heres the rub,


Scads of people show to see a shallow fool.  

Maybe it is best to stay at ground level. 

You’ll turn out decent, but not great jewels,

But the amount of buyers that revel


Will be well more than just a few.  Some may claim 

“a sell out”.  (That may be a cost to pay.)  

But in that I don’t think there’s lots of shame;

“Can’t satisfy all folks- all times- all day.”


Whatever way you decide to direct;

Someday your shop will greet hungry insects.  

People Study No. 3

I live in a very cold northern town;

My hair is long and I think Im a man.

I’m overweight by about 30 lbs;

My skin is white and I have no suntan.


I am about 30 years old or so.

Again I am wearing almost all black,

And right now I am kind of on- the- go.

Behind me there’s a cathedral and smoke stack,


To my right a modern art museum;

I am carrying what looks like a book.

My greatest value is my freedom;

And should mention, I also like to cook.


My pants are slightly wrinkled round the knee,

As I walk and figure ways to make money.

People Study No. 4

Im tired as shit and my boyfriends an ass,

I am here at the fucking DMV.

What have you got to do to make time pass? 

I wonder if I should dump Zacharey.


These fools behind me are clogging the door.

It’s stuffy here, I’ve got to take a piss.

But my number’s coming, I’m “94”,

If I leave it’s likely that I will miss.  


Ive gained lots of weight but who gives a wipe,

I wish Zach would bloody take a shower.

That idiot he always loves to Skype,

Ive fucking been here for almost an hour.  


Wish I hadn’t that fricken DUI;

I only had two beers and one Mai Thai. 

I am  the guy in the blue wind- breaker;

And I suppose you can tell from my hat,

Im a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers.

“What was that last number?  Did you catch that?”


I also hate fucking Government lines;

I haven’t shaven in over 2 weeks.

I have to pay a stupid traffic fine,

Man, this guy next to me absolutely reeks.  


My belly’s expanding…. phone’s on my breast,

I fought Vietnam for dandy’s like you.

Once good looking, by the way my name’s “Wess”.

“Just had a granddaughter.”  “Nice to meet you too.”

You can tell he’s suffered, look at his eyes,

a strained containing brow, the mouth lop-sized.   

People Study No. 5

People Study No. 6

Hi, my name’s Sam, I’m on the far -far right.

Not politically…. locality.

Been a slight shitty day, had a bad night.

I’m walking with Nick, the guy next to me.


We live in the suburbs but work in town;

We just got off work and it’s Friday.

I’d wear slacks, but today was a dress- down;

Nick always dresses well, even Fridays.


Almost lost his job, not a “team player”.

Looking good’s a sign of disloyalty;

There were other things too I can’t say here, 

Other suspicious omens of mutiny.  


Im sneering cause I think I’ve got gut rot;

My belly’s all bound- up, in gaseous knots.  

People Study No. 7

Names Lucy, this veggie burger’s juicy;

And I’m into lots of French Poetry.

I also like playing footsie- tootsie 

With my Rim- “beau” from the19th century.


We both like our wool-knitted netted hats;

My heart-shaped face is like Edith Piaf’s.

Here’s ketchup, try these hash-browns, let’s chit-chat, 

“ Oh, did you hear that Janet got laid- off?”


I wear a necklace given by my mum,

She had cancer and died 4 years ago.

“On the side of your face you have a crumb”,

“ No, she is no longer dating that “Joe”. ”


I like showing a bit of my cleavage; 

It gives me a hint of some leverage.  


The word, “ There is not enough of “you” here -

For the less of “you” the more “it” will speak.”

A contradiction, which “you” should I hear?

And what exactly is “it” that “we” seek?


Would that mean in death, “it” would most chatter?

For what could be “less” than a skeleton?

Or the oven of cremated matter?

Should I feel light?  Or be weighing a ton?  


And what’s “it” again we’re trying to leaven?  

I’m tired of that song, that nursery rhyme:

“You have to go through hell to get to heaven”.

Can’t we go "prickly" round easy this time?  


Maybe “we” realize, “we’ll” never know;

How far to rise?  Precisely what's the “dough”?

People Study No. 8

My name’s Richard, I love biking Paris

Along the western edge. (16th district)

Sometimes half-naked, never embarrassed,

I ride to “Bois de Boulogne”.  I have strict


Rules I set for myself.  “Must make 20 miles

less than an hour.”  You may say that’s easy,

But I start in Montmartre and their are piles

Of hills.  (So much so, I often feel queasy.)


But then things get going and I like to join 

Other cyclists along the trail.  (She is

going too slow.)   And if my crotch and groin 

Are not too sore, I will soar up and whiz


With Olympic athletes training to race;

As they also use these paths for their base.  

People Study No. 9

I’m Kennedy, I’m completely insane;

I crack jokes - chuckle to myself a lot.

I love flowers along a shady lane;

A guy’s behind me…  am I in the right spot?


I moved to France bout 20 years ago;

I guess I’m actually “American.”

How long does one live in a place till they know

That you are finally just one of them?  


Did Roy remember to turn off the stove?

He forgot to the last time he turned it on.

A fire burned down our kitchen.  Firemen drove

Trucks onto the curb and way past the lawn.


I can’t remember which way the globe spins;

Why’s “North” north?  Maybe it’s a convention.  

Hi- Way Bridges

There’s beauty in the ways these bridges flow,

They’re really as natural as mountains or brooks;

(Though many would not want you to know.)

You may look like some unproductive kook


As you stand admiring blocks of concrete

And its chicken criss-cross scratch graffiti.  

A mix of where sand, glass and crushed stone meet,

They’re like strands of hardened fettuccine.


Who’d think, these could be seen as avant -garde?

Aggregates have been ‘round since ancient times.

Iron -slag smelted from cored quarry- yards,

All held together by some pasty lime?


Everywhere I go, everywhere I see;

Is starting to look natural to me. 


Names Skip, I work in Eugene, Oregon;

In lumber yards cutting up Douglas firs,

Quaking Aspens.  I chop em till they're gone

(Or mostly), then chip the rest. It’s a blur 


Of sawdust.  I forget what its’ about

Sometimes and keep shaving them down to flakes.  

We’re supposed to log them on trailers en route

to  Seattle. (For homes for suburban fakes.) 


But now and then I forget the big picture,

The proverbial , “ forest for the trees”,

And my mind gets lost on particulars 

Till all that’s left is smoke in a breeze.  


Haven’t been fired yet, no one’s seen my errors;

Luckily the evidence is nowhere.


I’m Frank Zontelli from San Francisco;

I’m in Cleveland right now visiting friends.

We had some drinks at a bar called “Disco”.

I went to the john and returned to commend


my bf, Steve Vonn, on his promotion.  

But everyone had left…no soul in sight.  

I call but there’s a real bad connection,

So I’m out and about checking the night.  


Problem is I’ve strayed…  I took a wrong turn.

Steve moved here with his wife two years ago;

I'm a little drunk and I’ve stomach burn,

So I’m looking into some store windows.


Hopefully I do not get robbed or mugged;

No one’s around…I’m lost…could use a hug.  


The sphinx came by poetic prophecy;

pulling together the disarrayed parts.

And it indeed was a monstrosity;

verbal seduction was its finest art.


Its order was only temporary

And so very selective in its choice,

And meant for a “thousand years” only;

Said its shouting and hysterical voice.


"Yet, here it comes again like ocean waves;

For there’s never a crest without a trough.

Nor can there be masters without their slaves;

There is never an “on” without an “off”. " 


Advice?  Patterned forecast?  Blind prediction?

Had the beast read what the poet had written?  

Joe Hitler

In todays world you must pick a monster;

Your choice is between two battering rams:                                        

Joseph Stalin or old Adolf Hitler.

(Christ’s a joke, he is for those homeless lambs.)


If you fix on a side you’ll go far and wide 

in the party, making millions for the cause.  

Your faction will call you “great”, you’ll swell with pride

And there’s rest in following party laws.


Cautious to join?  Don’t want to be trite?  

Or wait in line in the hierarchy?

You will live in cracks a tortured termite 

In an either/or , left/right -winged society.  


Or you could float and row two paddles and flow;

Alternating the oars - “Adi” then “Joe”.

My name’s Terry, Terry Dibbing M.D;

Thats me with the parka and hair that’s bronzed.

My IQ is clocked in at 170.

Most of my time’s spent escaping morons; 


The few hours I have left are for patients.  

I’m 6 foot 2 of Nordic extraction;

“Is this my husbands car?”  I’ve no patience   

for shopping and these petty distractions.


“Where’s my ride?  Is this my hubby beau Joe?!

...Oh, excuse me,” why am I talking out loud?  

He’s a stranger…how on earth would he know?

(My father always warned me about crowds)  


Will the door open automatically? 

Or do I have to push it manually?  

Terry Dibbing M.D..


I will move the universe with a pen;

For nothing’s as powerful as the word.

Watch the lazy billionaires scramble when,

Through the grape vine, my inky mouth is heard.


Maybe I want to take their sweet money

And keep it all to my very own self.

I’m dreadfully serious…then funny…

Then Robin Hood dispersing the wealth.


Were “born into this”, need something to do…

Which game or role are you going to play?  

Perhaps Claude Frollo?  Or Quasimodo?

You become what you think about all day.  


Why not ponder the form of a hero?

You’ve done Lex Luther… now how bout Zorro?

Setting Study No. 1

A man walks alone in the wintered night,

Along an ancient city’s underpass,

Beneath concrete slabs, neath urban lamplight.

(Overhead a school buses kids from class)


Theres a building from 1928

Lit on its top with a neon -green sign. 

It’s in the distance "like a birth-day cake.”

(A simile made by a friend of mine)  


In the bowels of the town there’s this trench,

Where obviously a freight train once led,

and further down it there’s a bridge and bench;

Where no one sits, and angels fear to tread.


Some have to go into the unsafe zones;

At risk of being destroyed by unknowns.

A Hopper Poem

Who’d know someday I’d be in a cafe

And star in some guy’s Hopperesque poem?

Solitary American life’s passe,

In ‘bout twenty minutes I’m going home.  


I’m reading the book, "1984",

George Orwell’s most prophetic masterpiece.

It’s terrifying, it’s almost horror…

Where is my wallet?  My house and car keys?


Some guy is spying on me as we speak,

I can see him taking those damn photos.

I can see him act casual and then sneak

Snap shots through fake- flowered store front windows.  


The guy at the bar looks like his head aches;

Maybe he’s got brain-freeze from that milk shake.

We’re Miguel and Salvador from Peru;

I suppose you could say we are "homeless".

The bridge we are under acts as a roof;

We built a fire because of the coldness.


Coals and flames are reddening our faces;

Were talking ‘bout where we're going to get jobs.

We’ve been many -many - many places;

Guess in a way we look like bums or slobs.  


We are young and life is an adventure;

We sorta like the pain and don’t complain.

(We’d never done it without each other)

But things do get tough in the snow and rain.


Someone said this place once had rail box- cars,

they’d take you out to the Hollywood stars.  

Miguel and Salvador

The Teeter- Totter

“Taking care of others is a real good,

Being taken care of is a real bad.”

It’s like those teeter- totters made of wood,

One’s happy-up while another’s down -sad.


Whoever said this hadn’t thought it out,

obviously it’s a give and a take.

Unless he meant that men should use their clout,

While women should just go and bake a cake.


But even there “down’s” serving Mr. “up” 

In turn, so that “up” can serve Mrs. “down”.

And sometimes Sean might have to fix the sup,

While Dawn must get a “real”  job in the town.  


One things for sure, in time you’ll come to know;

You may break here and there and have to throw.  

Rothko Paintings

Rothko paintings hang along city walls;

Oh won't you come- skip and see them with me?

Nobody seems to notice them at all,

Why is it I’m the only one who sees?


Everyone is planning to get ahead,

Missing beauty in the simplest of things.

Let us stare at stuccoed plaster instead;

This light on the wall makes me want to sing!


Some call me a drag on society.

Yes, I want to pull the whole wide- world down.

I’m not “pulling my weight” apparently;

No, I want to yank everyone to these grounds.


How much are these walled artworks in value?

Look!  The shadows.... and emotional hues…